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Indianapolis Is Run by Nincompoops - The 414 Project - 11.22.13

The Indianapolis city council passed a symbolic resolution urging the state legislature to deny Hoosiers the right to have their voice heard relative to marriage in the state. And demonstrating his awkward and bizarre allegiance to the radical homosexual lobby, Republican Mayor Greg Ballard puffed out his chest and âsignedâ the resolution before it had even been passed by the council. Setting aside the governmental mechanics of how you sign a bill before itâs passed, keep in mind one of the major arguments from people like Ballard is that the legislature shouldnât be âwasting their timeâ with the issue of marriage. Itâs interesting, isnât it, that marriage is important enough for pro-gay lawmakers that have no authority to speak to the issue (Ballard and the council) to spend weeks writing a symbolic resolution, but itâs not important enough for pro-family lawmakers to take a simple vote to turn the issue over to citizens. What transparent idiocy.


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